Atlantic & Peninsula Australia has launched a new health and safety initiative designed to keep its workforce and supply chain safe, both at work and at home.

Atlantic and Peninsula Australia (A&P Australia) is owned by Atlantic and Peninsula Marine Services, which also owns A&P Group in the UK.  A&P Australia has held the In-Service Support and Sustainment Contract for HMAS Choules since 2015 and is currently preparing to deliver the largest refit period and upgrade programme since her build, which will commence later this year.
A&P Australia’s number one priority is to uphold the safety and wellbeing of its staff, customers and sub-contractors. The new Work Safe, Home Safe (WSHS) initiative defines the core values which will form the basis of the safety culture at A&P Australia. By establishing and communicating these values, A&P Australia will provide clear direction to others on the behaviours and attitudes which are expected of its staff, suppliers, and stakeholders.
Work Safe Home Safe was implemented across A&P Group in 2018. Since its launch, more than 4000 personnel, customers and contractors have registered on A&P Group’s training portal and have benefitted from the Work Safe, Home Safe initiative.

Scott Willey, Managing Director of Atlantic and Peninsula Australia, said: “The delivery and continual improvement of A&P Australia’s safety processes and practices lies at the heart of the business.” 
“A&P Australia continues to demonstrate the high level of commitment to health and safety which is seen across the Atlantic and Peninsula Marine Services Group. We have transferred best practices and implemented the same high standards that are deployed by A&P Group since the first maintenance period was conducted in Australia in 2012. Over the last eight years, these practices have been developed and refined to meet Australian legislation.
“As A&P Australia continues to grow in scope and capability, Work Safe, Home Safe will become critical to ensuring that we continue to deliver our services to the highest levels of safety and ensure that everyone is safe and well, as we embark on the next stages of our journey.”

The delivery and continual improvement of A&P Australia’s safety processes and practices has been paramount throughout its In-Service Sustainment and Support Contract for HMAS Choules, where zero lost time injuries have been sustained in five years during over 1,000,000 hours of operation and production activities.

In March 2020, A&P Australia secured the latest ISO standard for Work Health and Safety, ISO 45001 - further proof of its ongoing commitment to health and safety.
As part of its continual improvement and the WSHS campaign. A&P Australia will be launching a new Safety Induction & Management Tool which will aim to reduce safety administration, following this, A&P Australia’s HSEQ Observation Card will also be made available electronically which will enable all stakeholders to provide their feedback and suggestions to help the business improve its systems and processes.

David McGinley, Chief Executive Officer of Atlantic & Peninsula Marine Services, said: “Atlantic and Peninsula Marine Services’ number one priority is to uphold the safety of all of our stakeholders.” 
“By implementing effective HSEQ management systems, continuing to strive to foster a positive HSEQ culture and embedding the values which are outlined in Work Safe, Home Safe, we will enjoy an injury and incident free working environment. By working together and embracing the values of Work Safe, Home Safe we will become a safer organisation.”

The new WSHS booklet will be issued to all A&P Australia employees as well as to the company’s extensive supply chain.