Our services

Atlantic & Peninsula Australia offers a wide range of services centred around Ship Repair and Marine Platform Through Life Support. In conjunction to this also offering the Logistics, Engineering, and Asset Management Services in support.

With marine engineering, technical knowledge, and experience, at the core of Atlantic & Peninsula’s values we strive to deliver excellence in all of our service delivery. Focused on the needs of our customers, the technical understanding and experience of our employee’s enable accurate and effective problem solving and service delivery.

Founded from A&P Group’s experience of over six decades in Ship Repair and Engineering, Atlantic & Peninsula Australia has been delivering effective maintenance and support services to the RAN since 2011. In this time, we have developed a robust and reactive local supply chain, and continue to develop the long-term relationships which underpin our combined success.

Our expertise, experience, and project management, together with our skilled and flexible supply chain, allow Atlantic & Peninsula Australia to continue to deliver services and projects, affordably, on time, and to the highest safety and quality standards.