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Atlantic & Peninsula recognises the importance of an integrated and coordinated approach to stakeholder and supply chain management across a diverse range of activities to support core services and objectives.

Contract & Supply Chain Management

Underpinning all our services is the holistic customer, staff and supplier focused approach Atlantic & Peninsula Australia adopts to maintain, build and improve relationships over long periods of time as a key enabler to success.

Procurement & Supply Support

Technical procurement of marine equipment and specialist parts from anywhere in the world to where it’s needed when its needed.

Inventory and Stock Management

Developing detailed material lists for usage, organic and external maintenance, and ensuring stock availability or just in time delivery as risk or costs dictate.

Military Logistics Systems

Monitoring and update of Military Logistics Information Systems to account, track and keep stakeholders informed.

Wharf Side Services

Working with our suppliers to deliver high quality maritime experienced ship yard and safety services wherever needed to support maintenance, logistics and mobilisation activities.

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